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Marut Construction Group with management of Nader Sohrabi started its activities in 2003 with the aim of growing and improving the quality and quantity of the construction industry with a scientific and academic approach. This group is a complex with private sector capital that tries to benefit by providing expert forces in each of the various parts of the project, including architecture and interior design, implementation, marketing, quality control and sales, by presenting ideas and New projects take an effective step in attracting investors' satisfaction. Over the past years, Marut Construction Group has put customer focus at the forefront and by focusing on customer needs to a leading organization in the field of design, planning and new construction in Iran. Has become.


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Marout Company has stepped into the arena with the utmost care to provide its services and increase the level of satisfaction of its customers and proceeds based on careful planning. Observance of the mentioned factors causes customer satisfaction and ultimately provides the basis for creating the best opportunities for you.

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Experience the art of beautiful and practical space design with Marut. Interior space has a direct impact on the quality of life of people. Using interior design science, Marut tries to improve the functional performance of the space. To have a good plan, Marut does things by examining the behavioral characteristics of users.


Designing small gardens, terraces and patios requires more thinking than large spaces to implement design ideas, but keep in mind that even the smallest spaces can become a beautiful and functional place.

Arghavan Day Market

Using modern architecture in interior and exterior design, it has been able to create integration between outside and inside the project. Shows natural disasters.

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Experience the platform for creating brilliant ideas and then contributing to their development.

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Nader Sohrabi

مدیر عامل
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Hamid Sohrabi

Sales Manager
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سجاد شریف پور

مدیر حسابداری

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